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Cultivating Gardens and  Food Security

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Family gardens were planted in the past 2 years.  


Families across 8 rural communities have more secure food sources. 


Chicken pens were built to add eggs and poultry to family diets.  

Guatemala has the 6th highest rate of child malnutrition in the world. According to UNICEF,  up to 70% of Indigenous children are chronically malnourished.    Over 60% of Guatemalans live in acute poverty, struggling to survive on less than $2 per day.  Although they work all day in the fields, they can't afford to buy food.  Tragically, this cycle of poverty, food scarcity, and hunger has devastating consequences.  

GFD, together with our local partner, Fundenor, are working to break this cycle!   Tackling food scarcity and empowering families is one of the ways we are changing lives.  


Families involved in the agricultural program are benefitting from:  


  • Cultivating vegetable gardens that grow hardy, nutrient-rich produce. 

  • Learning the best to plant crops based on soil, drainage, and sunlight.  

  • Planting, tending, and harvesting skills for each crop. 

  • Cooking lessons, and nutrient-rich recipes to make each bite count. 

  • Building chicken coops for egg and poultry production.  

  • Small business instruction for selling any surplus crops or eggs for extra income.  


Families are growing carrots, onions, beets, radishes, celery, cucumbers, turnips, herbs, and medicinal plants.  

Help change a life today! 

100% of your gift goes directly to Guatemala

Just $50 creates a family garden with produce to feed 10 people for a year. 

Help feed a family today! 

100% of your gift goes directly to Guatemala.

Just $22/month helps a malnourished child regain their health.

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