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Education and Scholarship Program


25 Girls in School

Classroom learning
6 days/week
6 hours/per day

5 Computers Onsite

2 High School Graduates in 2021


GFD, along with with our local partner, Fundenor, is overjoyed to watch girls succeed in their education. The GFD scholarship funding combined with Fundenor's residential school has allowed students a chance to fulfill their dreams of staying in school.  

Unfortunately, the harsh realities of education for girls in Guatemala are based on families' poverty, cultural norms, and lack of communities schools.  

  • 18% of Indigenous girls reach the 5th grade.


  • 75% of families trying to live on less than $2 /day, girls need to help with family responsibilities or income. 

  • 90% adult illiteracy rate in rural communities is the highest in the Americas.  Parents see daughters destined for manual or domestic work. 


  • No schools for girls beyond 6th grade except private schools, which are expensive and difficult to access. 


GFD and Fundenor have been partnering for the past 10 years to make education accessible, achievable, and successful.   

Fundenor's residential school has 5 full-time students.  Located in Tactic,  the students learn academic subjects, plus extra-curriculars like sports, cooking, sewing, and gardening.  Students who attend school in their communities receive all academic assignments, tutoring, school supplies, and emotional support to be successful.  

$72 a month gives a young girl education, healthy food, clothing, medicine, and hope for a brighter future. 

$40 provides clean, fresh drinking water for a family for 5 years. 

100% of your gift goes directly to Guatemala

Help change a life today! 

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