Who We Are:  Our Journey of Discovery, Compassion and Commitment


We began in 1986 with a small team from a church being sent to work with Habitat for Humanity in a remote village in Guatemala's mountains.  We discovered and experienced  the caring love within families of the Mayan culture.  Our eyes were opened to their extreme poverty and we made the decision to continue to serve the needs of these Guatemala’s rural mountain villages. We have returned to the same villages each year to build trusting relationships and make a difference in improving their living conditions. 


In the beginning, our work was building homes through Habitat for Humanity, but in the past 10 years we have partnered with Guatemala NGO, FUNDENOR, located in Tactic, Guatemala - near these remote villages. FUNDENOR gives us a local presence in building stronger families and communities in the Verapaces region. We travel to this region once or twice per year to conduct medical clinics, educate on health/wellness, provide scholarships for girls’ middle school education, work on construction projects, and install pure water systems.  Funds have been raised to support these efforts through churches, organizations and events.  We have experienced the appreciation of these communities as they see the health of their children and community members improve.  They are our Guatemalan family and we know we continue to make a difference.  With God’s guidance and your help, we will continue to do so.

Our Mission Statement is: This organization is formed to serve the health and well-being of select rural Guatemalan communities.  This is accomplished through annual medical clinics, educational opportunities, building structures and providing dwelling items. Dwelling items consist of smokeless stoves, washing stations (pillas) and pure water filtration systems.

Our founding Board of Directors is: Michele Cold, Pat Fellure, Karen Jenkins, Dona Jones,

Tim MacMillan, Becky O'Donnell, and Stephanie Thompson.

Finance Committee: Karen Jenkins and Terry Jones 

Nominating/Bylaws Committee: Patti Filus and Becky O'Donnell

Fundraising Committee: Michele Cold, Margie Drews, Tom Drews, Stephanie Thompson, Kathy Leopold, Tim MacMillan and Becky O'Donnell