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Clean, Safe Drinking  Water



of drinking water is contaminated.

It is collected from roofs, mountain runoff, or creeks.  Then, it may be stored in the only containers families have available that seeps harmful chemicals.  


Water Crisis

Mothers spend hours each day collecting and boiling water but tragically it is not enough.  Intestinal parasites and water-based illnesses are way of life for Indigenous people. 


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Together, with Filter of Hope and Fundenor, we are working to bring clean, safe drinking water to children and families.     

Each water filter installs on the side of a bucket.  It can filter up to 100 gallons per day.   It will last 5 years! It only takes 5 mins to clean and costs $40.  

Want to learn more about Filter of Hope?  Connect below. 

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Over the past 20 years, GFD members have worked with Living Waters for the World to install water systems throughout Guatemala.  These systems provide entire communities with clean drinking water. School attendance rates rise dramatically, work productively increases, and health problems resolve once clean water is available.   These systems cost $3700, require an enclosed pad for installation, and need trained volunteers for regular maintenance. 

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Want to learn more about Living Waters for the World?  Connect to their website here. 

$40 provides clean, fresh drinking water for a family for 5 years. 

Give clean water today!

100% of your gift goes directly to Guatemala.

Just $22/month helps a malnourished child regain their health.

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