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Feed and Heal Malnourished Children 

Chronic Malnutrition Crisis

Malnutrition is a crisis with effects that last a lifetime.   The cause is a complicated combination of poverty, food scarcity, and lack of access to clean water, proper sanitation, and basic medical care. 

80% of indigenous rural children are chronically malnourished.  75% of children also suffer from intestinal parasites.   Tragically, what food they do have, is not well absorbed.  Chronic malnutrition has irreversible effects on the brain and physical development of children.   When babies do not receive sufficient nutrients during the first 1,000 days of life, or by age 3.  they suffer permanent developmental stunting.  

Guatemala has the highest rate of stunting in the Americas.  

Malnourishment is the leading cause of death for children under age 5. 

A Program for Growth and Health 

100 Children and Mothers, like Alex and Gloria in the featured video, are getting help from GFD and our local partner, Fundenor. 

Working with children and mothers to solve short and long-term issues leading to malnourishment.  Children and mothers work with dedicated Fundenor staff weekly. 

Together, we can make a meaningful impact with our comprehensive, innovative program.   

Feed and Heal Program Includes: 

  • Extra food including eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals, atoles.

  • Multivitamins and medicine to treat intestinal parasites. 

  • Weekly check-ups for growth progress. 

  • Learning to grow, prepare, and cook nutrient-rich recipes

  • Teaching safe -food handling, hygiene, and sanitation skills. 

  • Creating family gardens and chicken coops for food security. 

  • Improving sinks and latrines for better sanitation. 

  • Developing a safe drinking water system. 

Working together with GFD and Fundenor, children like Axel and Debra have a better future!

Watch Gloria and Axel's Story

Debora Before _edited.jpg

Debra, in Oct 2021 , before help from the  Feed and Heal Program

work and support 1 (1)_edited.jpg

Debra,  in February 2022, was growing much healthier, stronger, and happier.  

$40 provides clean, fresh drinking water for a family for 5 years. 

Just $22/month helps a malnourished child regain their health.

Help save a child today! 

100% of your gift goes directly to Guatemala

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