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Our Mission Statement

Working together to bring food, water, medicine, and education to children and families in Guatemala. 


Most indigenous Guatemalans live on less than $2 per day although they work from sunrise until sunset. 

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Children in rural communities are malnourished, which is the leading cause of death in children under age 5. 


Very few people have safe, clean drinking water.  98% of water sources are contaminated. 

Our Vision: 

Children and families thriving in health, education, community, and opportunity.  

Our Focus

Lasting Impact

We work towards sustainable solutions and building stronger, healthier communities. We empower communities with a " Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime" philosophy.   

Local Partnership

Fundenor has been our local partner for the past 11 years.  An NGO located in Tactic,  their reputation, work ethic, and success is outstanding.   

Personal Involvement

Our GFD Team Members have traveled to Guatemala to help provide medical, dental, vision, nursing, pharmacy, translation, or water installation work.  We have a deep commitment to the people we come to know and love. 

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$40 provides clean, fresh drinking water for a family for 5 years. 

Help change a life today! 

Just $22/month helps a malnourished child regain their health.

100% of your gift goes directly to Guatemala


With your support 



Malnourished children are getting nutritional food, supplements, and comprehensive care to regain their health.


People have received  humanitarian aid in the past 2 years, many aged 5 and under.  


Girls are getting an education, life skills, healthy food, and medical care through GFD scholarships. 

 "A Day in the Life of Our Medical Mission Team." 

GFD medical teams have been traveling to remote, rural villages in the Verapaz region for 12 years to spend a week working together with our local partner, Fundenor.  Check out this short clip to see see what we do. 

Want to learn more about our Medical Mission trips?  


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