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About Guatemala 
Family Development


To support and elevate the health, well-being, and education of Mayan children and families in rural Guatemalan communities through philanthropy, aid, and service. 


Children and families thriving in health, education, community, and opportunity. 


We began in 1986 with a small mission being sent to work with Habitat for Humanity in a small village in Guatemala's mountains.  There, we experienced empathy within families of the Mayan culture.  We realized our desire to continue supporting the communities living here. We have returned to villages since to nurture relationships and improve living conditions. 


In the beginning, our work was building homes, but in the past 12 years we have partnered with Guatemala NGO, Fundenor, located in Tactic, Guatemala. Fundenor, provides a local presence in the Verapaces region. We travel to this region once or twice per year to conduct medical clinics, educate on health/wellness, provide scholarships for girls’ middle school education, work on construction projects, and install pure water systems.  We use your donations to support these efforts through churches, organizations,  and fundraising events.  We believe we have made a truly positive impact on the people, and we hope to see the relationship flourish for years to come.  They are our Guatemalan family, with God’s guidance and your help, together we can continue to give life-changing care and nurture hope.  

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