Scholarships for Middle School Girls

We do not want education to be just a dream for the young women of Guatemala. Cultural tradition does not encourage their education but instead to work the land, marry and raise a family. But some want something more.  GFD supports the FUNDENOR Scholarship program to bring that dream of an education to fruition for some of the young women of Guatemala. Interested girls apply for one of the twenty scholarships. They also provide special needs education for a family with three deaf siblings. They will fund their ability to soon have hearing aids! Their scholarships includes shoes, backpack, school supplies, and, in some cases, necessary transportation.  FUNDENOR and GFD encourage the students every step of their journey. 


Most opportunities require a step of faith.  The young students have taken that first step and are hoping to make their future better and brighter than they see it right now.  We who actively carry out our passion for GDF's work  hope that you will take that step of faith to help support our efforts to educate future leaders of the next generation.  Nothing worth doing is easy.  Opportunities must be acted upon, they will not act upon you.