Pure Water and Construction

Pure Water Needs

Pure water is a critical need that affects all family members of a community – particularly in the rural mountains of Guatemala.  Over 40% of children under age 5 sicken because of impure water.  In addition, many days of schooling are lost because of school age children's illness. Our Mission Partner, Fundenor, seeks to secure a community’s understanding of the benefits of maintaining pure water and participation in installing Living Waters for the World (LWW) systems. Then, Fundenor seeks a donor who will fund a LWW system plus the trainers to teach the community how to install and use the system.  Fundenor works with the LWW support staff in Guatemala to help the community to maintain the water system.  Typically, one system can serve a community of 200 families. One pure water community per year is planned by Fundenor.

                 Construction Facility Needs

Facilities in which Fundenor and Community leaders can conduct teaching and training, organization and administration has been a challenge. The distance from Fundenor HQ may be only 25 miles but the people can only afford to walk and it takes a full day to walk the distance.  Thus, a centrally located building between several communites where their training can take place can make a big difference in community development.  Local leaders use the same building for schooling and community planning meetings. The village provides the land and labor to build the building but ask for our help funding, painting and celebrating the finished building.  One building has been completed in El Esfuerzo and with our help, another is planned.