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Yes we can! Giving deaf/mute children a chance to be educated - the tale of two separate families

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In the year 2019, we learned of three deaf/mute children in Fundenor's service area. The children were thought to "have no future" and were isolated and hidden. Their community lacked the capacity or motivation to educate them. "Communication" was through beatings. Fundenor was motivated by these "special needs" children, to add them to their dormitory for girls starting in Tactic. Through joint collaboration, Fundenor's intervention and GFD funding, a scholarship was created for their safe learning. Now, they're transported daily from Tactic to Coban to a special deaf school for their further education. They board in the Tactic dormitory and are happy; improving in nutrition, weight, height, appearance, emotions, communication and the Spanish language. The course of their lives has been changed for the better!

Contrast that to our helpless feeling in 2016, when the Minister of Health asked us to see to the medical needs of people in a village that was not Fundenor's area. We saw a 14 year old girl, 12 year old boy and 16-18 month old toddler - all deaf/mute. The family looked hopeless, forlorn and isolated. Since this was not a Fundenor community, we could only make the Ministry of Health aware of the deaf/mute family and hope they would follow up. Dr. Becky and her brother, Brad, looked for early intervention services for the toddler with no luck. For us, the story ended here, and it was heartbreaking. What a joy in 2019 that through GFD's collaboration with Fundenor we could change the way the story ended!

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