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Humanitarian disaster in Guatemala: mudslides, human life lost, homes and belongings lost

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In just TWO weeks, TWO tropical depressions (Eta and Iota) have devastated villages in the region of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala; forcing people to flee their homes and to deal with life-threatening flash flooding, river flooding, falling rock, mudslides and landslides. Since the ground is already saturated - at least 10 Alta Verapaz communities were already flooded, Tropical Depression Iota is creating the kind of damage in hours that Eta created in two days. Iota is exacerbating dangerous areas where dirt and mud were already loosened up by Eta.

In the first video, Queja's village official is interviewed. It's believed 100 people were buried alive in Queja under a mudslide that slammed into a village on the side of a mountain. The Queja official asks for basic relief supplies; nonperishable food supplies and individual personal sanitation items.

The risk of waterborne diseases and COVID-19 will increase as evacuees seek shelter.

The second video was created before Eta/Iota devastation but shows the kind of personal sanitation supply kits FUNDENOR distributes in COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

Yesterday, with your donations, we sent FUNDENOR $3000 which will provide for 150 bags of food and 150 bags of personal sanitation supplies plus the cost of distribution. Be a hero to those whose needs are so great during this humanitarian crisis! Consider setting up a small recurring donation on our website to help us help them. With each donation, we can send more help. Chose the donation category "use where most needed." Thank you!

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