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Our Medical Teams positive impact in Alta and Baja Verapaz - together with our local NGO Fundenor

Our medical teams have impacted the lives of remote, rural, and impoverished villagers in Alta and Baja Verapaz in such a positive way with their eyecare, dentistry and medical care to children, women and families. We've provided over 300 prescription glasses and 2500 eye towels to heal hurting eyes. Our dentists have seen over 250 patients and pulled over 350 teeth. Our doctors have seen over 500 patients and provided over 1000 prescriptions. We've provided opportunities for Guatemalan doctors and medical students to work alongside our teams to serve the needs of their rural communities. We've given 50 medical bags to local midwives. In so doing, our hearts have been filled with gratitude and our lives changed. Individuals on these medical teams have increased the time and resources they will expend to help our Guatemalan sisters and brothers in need. We've expanded our faith, trust and commitment to making life better in these Guatemalan mountains for the indigenous Mayan people.

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