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Humanitarian help for malnourished babies/toddlers

Through the past decades, Guatemala has consistently had one of the highest levels of childhood malnutrition worldwide, reaching 90% in some of the communities we serve. Such a widespread lack of consistent access to nutritious food—especially during a child’s critical early years of development—has devastating and lasting impacts, leading to stunting, chronic infections, anemia and sickness. When we put out the call to help hungry babies and children in the Verapaz regions after the double blows of COVID-19 and the November 2020 hurricane, you responded! Thank you!

Your donation will make a big difference for the "littlest" children in our program administered by FUNDENOR, our sister non-profit on the ground in Guatemala. Thanks to your generosity, children under five years old will receive crucial vitamins, milk and food. This will assist greatly in their healthy brain and physical development. FUNDENOR will provide follow up education and assessment for the families of these little ones to help them thrive.

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