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Dina wants to improve her Life, her Family and her Community through an education scholarship

Our previous news highlighted Dina, our GFD scholarship recipient since 2019. Now in her second year of basic level in her remote, indigenous Mayan village, she was at risk of not passing due to lack of education/progress in rural villages during the pandemic. Through our partnership with NGO Fundenor, and with the unconditional support of her parents, she has moved to the city of Tactic! There she will "remote learn" plus benefit from a middle school teacher tutor to help her make up the educational deficiencies of this pandemic year. Dina, like many of our scholarship recipents has a vision of hope to create a different future! She loves learning. For most, this is the only chance for these middle school aged girls. Join us in financially and spiritually in supporting that hope!

Here is her thank you letter. It shows how much of her second language - Spanish - she has learned, and conveys her appreciation of her educational opportunity and for all of us helping her.

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