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Artistic Thank You to our Medical Team Organizer and Participant, Tim, From a Mayan Translator

Here's an example of how you can help the indigenous Mayan Guatemalans who help each other. Tim MacMillan, our long time medical team trip organizer holds a "thank you picture" given to him by Lucia, a Mayan language translator. After working with her all week and knowing her trip from Coban to the remote, rural villages we serve took her four hours (meaning she had little sleep) with no compensation, he asked why she joined us.

Her answer was this picture, which she says represents the struggle Mayan Guatemalan's go through in creating a life for their families. She saw the love we were sharing though our medical team and wanted to give Tim an artistic thank you for being there.

Alta and Baja Verapaz families try to live on less than $2 a day. Their daily diet is mostly tortillas, beans and chili which is inadequate for nutrition. Unsafe water leads to diarrhea and infectious disease especially among women and children under 5 years old. GDF aims to reverse this picture creating wellness and health in Guatemala along with the ability to fight the COVID 19 pandemic.

Aside: The little sacks in the picture represent the clouds of her hometown. In this region of Guatemala, the cloud forests rest right on the earth and people live within them.

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