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A Place of Learning - Built with your wonderful donation!

Sixty eight families of Nuevo Amanecer Pancoc, an indigenous Maya Guatemalan community, have erected this community hall. The sons and husbands of women in the FUNDENOR's Community Integral Development schools provided the manpower and planning. Assisting in planning and funding this development, FUNDENOR, Guatemala Family Development, John Knox Presbyterian Church and other Guatemalan community members helped amass the building supplies. The community hall will be used for education and leadership development.

Soon after it's complete, classes for GFD's scholarship girls, the women of the Community Integral Development School, and Community Leaders meetings/assemblies will begin. With time, the plan is to have a space with books so the hall can assist the research work for girls/boys in the community. All the families contributed equally in giving of their mainpower and expertise. The small hall is framed with wood and zinc sheets. The walls are iron, stone and cement block with a final finish of lime cement and fine sand. The Roof is metal railing and aluminum sheets. The floor is a mix of sand and cement with a smooth finish. A perimeter wall will also be added with metal mesh and wooden supports. Landscaping with local plants will also add to it's attractiveness.

This will be wonderful place to develop and support all learning in the Nuevo Amanecer Pancoc Community! Thank you DONOR for the blessings you've given this entire village!

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