The eye clinic educates patients on the three most common reasons for eye irritation - sun, dust, and especially wood fire smoke - and gives each family a different eye cloth to use as a hot moist compress per instructions. The eye cloth is the “medicine” they need for their “sick” eyes and we also give a written and pictorial version on how to use it. We encourage all the villagers to visit the eye clinic, if only to get enough eye cloths for the family unit.

We aim to improve individual vision for distance/reading by fitting, as needed, the best of our available donated supply of prescription glasses from Lions Club. If there are vision concerns, we use the E and hand charts to determine vision strength, positive or negative.  Sometimes, one pair of glasses fixes both difficulties in seeing at a distance and reading close up (we call it a double play), but if that doesn't work, we give them two sets of glasses.

Of the 250+ vision patients that we see annually, less than five can't be fitted for glasses. We provide sunglasses to all adults who work outside, or spend a lot of time outdoors walking to and from work.  We provide eyeglass frames, a costly item in Guatemala, to local optometrists who in turn, use them to make glasses for persons who require a special prescription. Fundenor assists in the distribution of frames.  Fundenor stores any surplus glasses for the following year's vision clinic.